1000Km of Ireland!

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The last weekend has probably been my last trip here in Ireland, and this saddens me greatly, but if I think back to how it went I am very happy and satisfied! fabulous place, fabulous weather and wonderful people! The destination this time was the Ring of Kerry and Dingle, which is the most east of Ireland! there are no words to describe this place but fortunately I have many photos that will help me tell you about this trip … We left Friday morning with our macchinuccia hire and we headed toward the goal. We have traveled many Km …


The first stop was Killarney, a beautiful town, where we had booked the hostel. The following days were all on the road, to visit the Ring of Kerry which is fabulous, I can say I did the coast to coast in Ireland … the emotions were so many, because every place we visited had something distinctive and special, unfortunately the photos doesn’t do much and it all seems a bit all the same … but in reality it is the beauty of those places is indefinable … During the trip happened this …



This time I’ll put all the photos I took especially because limiting myself to write this article, the pictures will speak much better than me … I just want to thank my fellow travelers who have made ​​it more beautiful and Ireland which has allowed me to to visit this magnificent place …

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