Alternative trip!

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the last weekend I with the other EVS guys we made an alternative trip which was beautiful and unforgettable … we were in the middle of the Irish countryside!

But before I tell you about the event we had Wednesday at the Reco with the guys in the group of gardening … being that we are on the subject of campaign!

I am part of the group of gardening club that is to grow flowers  and then sell them and use the money to help the organization and make trips with the guys … well last Wednesday we sold the flowers that the kids have grown and taken care throughout the their growth, and it was a great achievement for them and for me! here are some photos of the event …

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Now let’s talk about the adventure I had last weekend … that is, until the day before Thursday I had to go to Cork to visit the city, but at the last the other guys I was asked to go to Galway in the country side where the uncles of Cathy, who is the mentor of the other guys EVS, could host us for the weekend, so I decided to go to try this experience. We left Friday morning to Connemara which is a small town very beautiful and charming, and then climb the mountains with our minibus and see all the beautiful scenery that offered the beautiful cliff. Towards evening we headed to Galway city for sightseeing and eating a good  pizza napoletana, and then head into the countryside to the uncle’s Cathy. As soon as we arrived we were greeted very well, very nice and helpful, they seemed the Italians in the south because they kept offering us food and food! the house is beautiful, very rustic, all wood and very well made​​, my mom and my dad would love it!

The next morning, wake up early and after a hearty full breakfast we went to the fields where we have worked and helped with their seasonal work, that is to collect the turf to let it dry out and use it to fire, I know it is not so clear but with the images that will show you more about the idea:





I hope it’s clearer now! ehehe … to recharge us, his uncles have prepared us a delicious irish “breakfast”  which we ate it at 1 .30PM, so it was more a lunch than a breakfast…



In the afternoon we continued and finished the job and in the evening we went to a pub in the middle of nowhere, where there was only this pub! the next day we went out of the country and headed home we stopped to visit Newgrange, but was no longer available on the tour and then we were “satisfied” to visit Knowth which is a complex of ancient tombs!

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After this last visit we headed home tired but happy with the trip! Tomorrow with the guys we’ll do another trip … Kerry directions! I’ll tell you everything when I get back …

here are some other random pictures of the trip:

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( this time i didn’t do the picture, with trip mates did it! i want to thank them…Kris,Carles an Susi)


See you soon!