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The last weekend was very nice and exciting! On Friday there was a party in the new house of an ex housemate of a friend of mine (what a mess!) And it was the first time I’ve been to an Irish party, because at the party were almost only irish people except me and a few others … the funny thing was seeing people who were already drunk when they came and then continue to drink! Well it was just an Irish party! I really enjoyed …

Once finished the party more or less 4 in the morning I walked home and it was one of the best walks I’ve ever done … there was no one around and you could not hear any noise, the weather was perfect, the music was not missing, being a bit tipsy embellished everything, but the icing on the cake was the moon, beautiful! I also enjoyed walking the onset of dawn, well what to say… perfect!


The next day was dedicated to my national team that took to the field for the first game of the World Cup against England. From when I woke up I was already in the cheering mode and when it came time I was agitated. I went to watch the match in a pub which was full of Italians and the atmosphere was incredible… the game was very nice and we also won 2-1 … Yay! I don’t know how the world cup will end for us, but I hope that we will make a good impression! Forza Azzurri!


As I said in the last post this weekend came to visit me Giada and her friends. Sunday we went to Howth and it was very nice, the weather was perfect and I was very pleased of their company. In the evening we went to grab a beer and then greet them for their return to Italy … I take this opportunity to thank them for everything! see you in Italy.
Today we had a meeting with the other EVS and it turned out that we’d end up in the newspaper and so it was … we’re famooooous!!! … eheheheh



See you soon!